RQM+ Clinical Trials Chief Operating Officer, David Novotny, joined THREAD CEO John Reites in May 2024 to discuss MedTech study examples that utilize hybrid study approaches to accelerate patient recruitment.

David and John explore specific study designs that lend themselves to hybrid approaches, such as pre- and post-market clinical studies and randomized controlled trials. They emphasize the importance of listening to patient feedback and incorporating human-centered design thinking to create more flexible and patient-centric study protocols.
They also discuss the impact of hybrid approaches on recruitment, including expanded recruitment areas and increased patient engagement. Compliance considerations and strategies for working with less tech-savvy populations are also addressed.
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00:00 Introduction and Overview
03:16 Types of Study Designs for Hybrid Approaches
09:07 Examples of Hybrid Approaches in Med Tech Studies
16:05 Impact of Hybrid Approaches on Patient Recruitment
28:26 Strategies for Working with Older Populations in Hybrid Studies