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On Thursday, 3 November, RQM+ subject matter experts hosted episode #62 of our Live! show. Fill out the form to get access to the on-demand recording now.

Most of us have used standards in some shape or form. There are those that assume they know all about standards, and those who think, “Ugh, standards are so boring.”

Yet, how many people actually love standards? How many people always ask, “Is there a standard for this?” We do at RQM+.

The consideration and application of standards is a foundational element across the majority of MedTech product lifecycle activities and can provide a clear route to compliance when used well.

Our panelists will discuss key elements of implementing standards and shine light on dark and often misunderstood corners of the world of standards.

Elements discussed will include:

  • What do we mean when we talk about standards?
  • What is the difference between state of the art and the standard of care?
  • Where do standards belong within the regulatory ecosystem?
  • How can we use standards effectively throughout the product lifecycle?

Bring your questions for our team of experts in our final show of 2022!


  • Amie Smirthwaite, BEng, Ph.D. – Senior Vice President, Intelligence & Innovation
  • Carlos Galamba, MSc – Vice President, Intelligence & Innovation - IVD
  • Sally Sennitt, MBBS, FRCA – Medical Director
  • Ed Ball, CEng MIPEM MIMMM – Intelligence & Strategic Execution Manager
  • Rem Siekmann, CMDA, RAC – Senior Principal Engineer/Auditor

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