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The first and arguably most critical step in the IVDR implementation process is determining if you have a compliant intended purpose statement. This has proven to be challenging, even for legacy devices, and has already resulted in notified body findings for manufacturers who are getting a head start over others in the industry.

It's important the intended purpose statement be compliant while also serving the business strategy. Considerations are:

  • Does the statement meet the definition of an IVD device under IVDR?

  • Is the statement consistent with the classification of the device under the IVDR?

  • Is there sufficient clinical evidence and performance data to support the statement?

  • Will gathering additional data cost more than it's worth to market the product?

  • Does the statement support what patients need?

  • Is the statement narrow enough for regulators to accept it given the clinical evidence?

  • Is the statement flexible enough for payers and providers?

In this show our IVDR experts will discuss strategies for developing intended purpose statements, evidence and a compelling story to tie it all together, so that you can continue to market your IVD under the IVDR.


  • Nancy Morrison, RAC - Executive Director, Regulatory and Quality Consulting Services

  • Jon Gimbel, Ph.D. - Executive Director, Regulatory and Quality Consulting Services

  • Celeste Maksim, Ph.D. RAC - Senior Manager, PMS and PMCF Services

  • Ron Sills - Senior Principal Specialist, RQM+

  • Paul Briest - Operations Manager / Principal Engineer


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