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RQM Live #10 - New Branding

The clock is ticking down to the IVDR date of application!  May 26, 2022 sounds far away, but it's really not considering the size of the step to IVDR compliance for most IVD companies. The transition from MDD to MDR for medical device manufacturers feels relatively small in comparison to the 85% of IVD companies moving from self-certified to notified body audits, complex regulatory systems, and the expectations of much tighter controls over the web of virtual manufacturing and distribution relationships that IVD companies are accustomed to. 

This panel will discuss the following and more:

  • How far along should IVD companies should be in the transition process?
  • What are good milestones to set for 2020 and 2021?
  • With limited resources, where should you focus?
  • Where do you start with economic operators?
  • What does compliance or "good" look like and how do you align on that with your notified body…. when at this point, only two notified bodies are designated? 

This panel is stacked with former notified body representatives and R&Q subject matter experts!

  • Nancy Morrison Exec. Director, Regulatory and Quality Consulting Services, and leader of R&Q EU MDR Leadership Council, R&Q
  • Ibim Tariah, Ph.D. — VP of EU MDR/IVDR Consulting Services, R&Q
  • Ron Sills — Principal Specialist, R&Q
  • Justin DiValentino — Principal Specialist, R&Q

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